Drip Campaigns Package - 18 months

Your leads are being left behind and it’s costing you A LOT of money?

Leads are left behind and you lose money

How do you solve this when you don’t have the time to babysit and micromanage your leads all day long!?

This problem can be solved using automated drip campaigns. The sequences (drip campaigns) can create consistency, predictability, and far higher conversions vs. just having your sales reps wing it when it comes to follow up.

If you want a streamlined process that would ensure your team follow’s up with your leads in addition to giving them assistance with automated texts, emails, and voicemails, make sure to purchase our Drip Campaign Package for 18 months.

The results?

Well with one sales rep you are able to handle hundreds of leads on any given month, and guess what? You no longer have to worry about long response times, and lack of touches during the life cycle of a lead, which will kill your business.

Here’s a break down of the 6 Series Sequence:

1. Discovery Sequence - a 15x touch sequence throughout a 15 day period created to do ONE thing. Qualify a lead and move the dead weight out on your sales funnel so your sales reps can invest the time with the leads that matter!

2. Outbound Discovery Sequence - This sequence is designed to open the lines of communication and quickly qualify the leads that call back your outbound/telemarketing team. This will save them hours of time!

3. Appointment Sequences - This sequence is designed to make sure any appointment cancelations get back on the books! If there is no appt, then there is no sale! You need a process to make sure your customers re-engage with you and that your team doesn’t lose sight of re-scheduling your customer back! 

4. Nurture Warm- This sequence is designed to nurture your warm leads and keep the lines of communication open with them. It doesn’t harass them, hound them, or bother them like some of the weak sequences out in the market. In fact, it adds value to them, brightens their day, and keeps you engaged with them so can be there ready to buy when they are ready to make a move. It keeps tabs on them for 2.2 years! This should be plenty of time to convert!

5. Nurture Cold - This is the same sequence as above except with a longer frequency since these leads have a lot less motivation and are likely to take 2-3x a long to sell to you vs a warm lead. - This sequence stays in touch with them for up to 5.17 years!

6. Closing Sequence - This sequence is designed for your transaction coordinator to follow your process and keep communication open with all your customer for files you have under contract. With this sequence, you can literally double the productivity of your T.C to handle way more files!

So how much would this cost you? $3K? Nope! $2K? Nope! Actually, just $997!