Human Resources

Manage your entire Human Resources Department in only one Podio Workspace

Human Resources workspace is the place where you can manage everything related to your employees.

There you find the following apps:

  • Organization
  • Chart
  • Employees
  • Jobs
  • Time Off
  • Payroll

In the Organization Chart, you can manage all the positions of your company and all the details related to them as monthly salaries, hourly rates, and job descriptions.

In the Employees app, you keep all your active and inactive employees along with their personal and financial details.

The Jobs app is the place where you can keep track of people that want to be hired at your company. You may use its web form in your hiring announcements and once submitted they will automatically populate the Jobs app and you'll be able to easily sort and contact them.

Time Off app is the place from where you can manage your team's days off. They must have easy access to the web form of this app and when needed to submit it.

The Payroll app works either by manually adding items related to the amounts to be paid to your team or based on a web form that each employee fills in at a certain point when they have to receive a payment. Either if it is a manually created item or one created upon web form submission they must be approved by the manager before payment. Also, this is the place where to track if the amounts were paid or not and when they are due.