PRO Closings

Pro Level Closings management. Dig deeper into your closing process

The more deals you close, the more advanced tools you need in order to keep track of the day to day activity.

The Pro Closings add-on is an app pack that will help Closing Coordinators make future projections ( The Projections App), keep track of long lasting acquisition processes like Short Sales and Probates and analyse results ( The P&L App).

The Projections App

  • Run Comps
  • Create Exit Scenarios
  • Make Forecasts
  • Take Decisions

The Short Sales App

  • Documents Submission
  • BPO / Appraisal
  • Offer Negotiation
  • Keep Track of Important Dates

The Probates App

  • Attorney Communication
  • Keep Track of Important Dates
  • Transaction KPI's

The P&L (Profit & Loss) App

  • HUD Reconciliation
  • Approval Process
  • Team Commissions
  • Tax Calculator
  • Distribution Reserve

Check out the documentation for this add-on